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A smile costs nothing but can end up priceless…….!! Smiley

A leading recruitment company has recently discovered that nearly two thirds of the working population are likely to move on IF they are offered a better job…..

A few facts discovered:

  • Despite the current situation, around 19 million people would leave their current employer Sad
  • A third of the workforce who are not looking to move, are staying because of the security of their job,
    compared to a new one Sad
  • More than 40% of the people who are not looking to move are staying because they do enjoy their job Smiley
  • Working colleagues play a part here as 11% of workers not looking for a job change say they would miss their colleagues too much Smiley

These results highlight one fact:

‘The economic situation of the country does impact on the morale and ultimately the productivity of your workforce. There are a lot of small and medium sized businesses who are over worked, over stretched and under pressure, and the result can be staff disillusionment and fatigue. Smaller companies do not have the infrastructure in place to deal with stressful times so easily and may risk losing their good staff at their worst time’.

So, is there a simple answer..?

In short no, but my recommendation at all times and especially so now is Recognition and Communication SmileySmiley

The wonders of email and computer technology have allowed us to be so efficient that we don’t have to spend ‘face to face’ time with each other so much, talking and getting to know and appreciating one another.  Corny, but true I’m afraid L

Morale and productivity is not always about money as we know from the olden days of motivation and McGregor’s  ‘Theory Y versus Theory X’.

Allowing staff to work as a team, to have control and input into their role and work output, can go a long way in raising morale and productivity. A simple ‘thank you’ as recognition, or supporting them through a personal situation, can prove their Employer does care and value them as an individual as well as an employee.

A final thought...

If your most important client walked into your office at your busiest time, you would still offer him a drink and give him at least 5 minutes of your time???  Please remember this when the pressure is on and think about how important your employees are to you and your business.  When they go off sick, it is too late to say ‘thank you’ Sad

‘Thank YOU’ for listening Smiley

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