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Julie Page HR Ltd – Newsletter February 2014


One of our New Year resolutions in the January newsletter was to make your staff feel more valued.

This newsletter will therefore look into the benefits of training your staff and will give you two examples of cost effective and workable training courses, offered by High Speed Training and Impellus.

1, Firstly though, let’s look at why an Employer should offer staff training?

Investing in your staff is essential as it will not only benefit your actual employee but it will also most definitely benefit your business.  According to 1st Training Company, ‘69% of workers feel more valued by their company when they are offered training.’

HR Advice Essex - valuing staff

At this time of year, you may not be able to afford to spend money on staff bonuses or pay increases for your staff.  Therefore, training and development for your staff can be an ideal way to further their skills and motivate them without breaking your company’s bank balance…..!

Whilst it has been found that employees feel more valued when offered training, recent research has shown that 60% of people surveyed would be less inclined to leave a job if they were offered training courses for their own development. Furthermore it has been found that training to improve employee skills makes them work harder.

A win – win solution, when you consider it in this way….?

The need to make your staff feel valued by providing them with training is of the utmost importance and this is especially true for your younger employees.  New research has shown that only 48% of those aged 16-24 feel their training needs are being met by their current employer. Without an employer’s support, the younger generation are more likely to try and invest in their own career development or leave to join a company that will.

2, So why do Employers avoid offering training to their staff?

Although training and development is clearly beneficial to employees as well as to the business, it has been found that many companies are reluctant to offer training. Research carried out by Skillsoft found that many employers were reluctant to offer training to their staff just in case the employee left the company within the next 12 months and took their knowledge to a market competitor….!

My advice would be rather than worry about losing staff after they have received training, be more constructive and positive by investing in your employees and making sure they are trained to a high standard to complete their job.  Businesses need to be aware that a workforce full of well trained and motivated staff makes a company more likely to excel in its market.  Equally if your staff feel valued, they will more likely value you back, i.e. the company, in return.

3, So, with this new thinking, how do you ensure you target your training successfully?

It is important to remember that offering the same training to every employee is not always the best way to approach the situation and may result in a significant waste of time and money. It is far better to assess each employee individually via an appraisal and identify what specific training will benefit both Them and the Company.

 Managing Staff HR Advice Essex

Also be mindful that we all have different preferences and styles for learning, so again one training programme per se may not necessarily be suitable or practicable.

4, The different types of courses available

I would now like to review two types of courses which are available and highly recommended.

The first of these courses is High Speed Training which offers Online Health and Safety Training. The second is Impellus which offers external Management and Leadership Training.

High Speed Training

High Speed Training offers accessible, cost effective and simple online training courses for businesses and individuals. The online training means your employee can carry out the training at a time and place which is suitable and convenient for both them and you operationally.

High Speed Training also offer discounts for bulk purchases:

  • 10% discount for 10 + courses
  • 20% discount for 50 + courses
  • 30% discount for 100 + courses

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Training

This training gives your office staff the skills and knowledge needed to use their work station correctly to reduce health and safety risks. This course costs £25 with a one hour completion time.

This training is essential as it:

  • Can reduce back problems, neck ache, headaches and arm pain which occur if display screen equipment is not used correctly
  • Is developed by Health and Safety professionals and ensures compliance with regulation 6 of the DSE regulations 1992 

Health & Safety

The Level 2 Health and Safety course costs £30 and has a two hour completion time.

By providing such Health and Safety Training for your employees you will:

  • Contribute towards making your staff more competent in Health and Safety
  • Help your business avoid any financial costs of accidents and occupational ill health
  • Develop a positive Health and Safety culture within your company
  • Meet your legal duty to protect your employees.
Health and Safety HR Advice Essex

Working at Heights

A Working at Heights course is £25 and also has a two hour completion time.

This is designed for those whose job requires them to work at any height above or below ground level. One of the major causes of serious injury is through employees falling from a height and therefore it is vital that your staff are trained to avoid any such injury or fatality.

This course will help your employees understand:

  • The relevant working at heights legislation and regulations
  • The hazards of working at height
  • The importance to carry out risk assessments
  • The importance to identify and select the correct type of safety equipment.

Manual Handling

A Manual Handling course is £25 and takes one hour to complete.

Manual Handling causes a third of all workplace injuries and costs the economy hundreds of millions of pounds every year. The term manual handling covers a wide variety of activities including; lifting, carrying, pulling, pushing and lowering.

Effective manual handling training will help your staff:

  • Make suitable and sufficient assessments of any hazardous manual handling
  • Avoid hazardous manual handling and therefore reduce the risk of injury
  • Adopt a good technique in handling heavy goods
  • Understand the legislation involved in manual handling.

Impellus – Business Performance Training

Research shows that Leadership and Management Training was the most popular training that employees would like to receive.

Impellus provides the skills, knowledge and support to help leaders, managers and key employees perform at the highest level. The training content is developed and delivered by highly experienced trainers who can help your staff improve their own personal impact within your organisation. In this regard, the courses challenge the thinking of delegates and are presented in a friendly and relaxed manner. 


Within Essex, there is currently 50% funding for eligible Companies which is clearly very cost effective and worth considering as this reduction significantly affects your training budget.

HR Advice Essex Ledership Skills

To conclude:

Several of my clients have used these two companies for staff training and management development which is why I can recommend them whole heartedly. They both provide very cost effective, unique and realistic training which can work to motivate and empower your employees as well as benefiting your business by increasing skills knowledge, productivity and morale. Why not give it a go by contacting either myself or the companies direct to talk through your specific requirements.  Believe me you will notice a difference at an affordable price!


To find out more about the contents of this Newsletter or ways in which Julie can work with you for your HR and staffing requirements, please contact her on 07776 135350 or through this website for an initial discussion and free consultation.

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