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Ready, Steady...... Prepare!

ready, set - prepare!Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.....

How can you, 'The Employer' be as powerful as an Olympic Athlete........!! 


The Olympic Games period from 27th July to 12th August could potentially be a great success for Great Britain, but a disaster for small businesses as they struggle to cope with requests for time off on holiday or, adversely, increased absenteeism and lower productivity.

Below are my recommendations for Great British Success all round.

  • Holiday leave: This is likely to be greater than normal AND expected if employees have already managed to obtain tickets!  Ideally you will have Contracts of Employment which stipulate about the rules on requesting holiday and how many employees per department or job role are allowed on holiday at any one time. If you don’t, then try and arrive at a reasonable solution for all parties to maintain morale and attendance.
  • Sickness absence: Employees may resort to phoning in sick if they do not think they will get their holiday request authorised.  Be mindful of this and ensure you follow your normal procedures in terms of reporting sickness and obtaining self-certification forms on the employee’s return.  It is then up to you to manage any unusual situations in this regard, fairly but firmly.
  • Flexible working: This could be a good compromise, depending on how busy you are during this period.  If you are experiencing a quieter period you can authorise unpaid leave as ‘a one off’ or allow staff to work from home and/or  work the hours more flexibly so they ensure they get the job done, whilst having time off to watch the games.  This can work well for both parties, BUT you must ensure you manage this agreement and monitor the work output to be fair and consistent to all staff.
    NB: There are also Health & Safety Implications of working from home but these can be dealt with as long as thought and preparation is carried out beforehand.
  • Team Working: The Games are an excellent opportunity for employees to engage in team building which we know affects morale and productivity in a positive way - so use it by allowing staff time within the company to watch the games, talk with other internal colleagues, and still focus on their work role.
  • Communication: Communication as we all know can work wonders but is not always used to its full potential!  Staff meetings will determine people’s views on the Olympics and allow you, as a small business, to do the right thing for both your business and your employee.

Remember, most employees enjoy their job and do not want to jeopardise it.  They just want an employer to be reasonable, fair and consistent.
Forethought, Planning and Communication in this regard may ensure a ‘Win Win’ solution all round.......

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