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Probation periods – why should employers bother....?


When a new employee joins you, it is good practise and a worthwhile exercise for you to implement a probation period. This will normally be either 3 or 6 months, depending on the level of job and training required.

Before making a job offer you, as the employer will easily spend half a day searching for and interviewing the right applicant so why not spend another hour to formally confirm whether your decision to appoint was the right one and if not to rectify this error in the correct way.

Julie Page knows how time consuming and costly the recruitment process can be and therefore works with you to ensure you make the right decision at the beginning and confirm that during the first few months of employment.

You may in theory have 2 years now before a new employee can make a claim of unfair dismissal but why wait that long if you realise very early on, what was said at interview may not be the case in reality..... 

For more information please see our Recruitment page or contact Julie now for assistance.

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