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Recruitment - References – a pointless exercise or a worthwhile conversation...?


It is true that most prospective employers think references are a waste of time and paper and most ex employers will only provide the basic employment dates when asked for a formal reference via post or email.

However, in the right circumstances with the right contact, references can help you make a very valuable decision as regards your next new employee.

Julie Page speaks to the Line Manager of ex employees before making an offer and sometimes before meeting the applicant themselves to determine if the facts are correct on the cv presented.  When asked in a confidential, appropriate manner, Line managers are far more comfortable to talk openly about previous employees and answer the very crucial question, would you re employ......?

Julie Page is able to provide this valuable service in her role as HR Adviser to clients and has many years of experience and knowledge in this regard, knowing how to obtain factual, useful information.

For more information please see our Recruitment page or contact Julie now for assistance.

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