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Julie Page photo“Experienced Career Counselling”

Identify your career options

Career Counselling

Are you ....

  • Losing your job?
  • Trying to change career?
  • Applying for jobs without success?

You WILL benefit from ...

  • Career Counselling
  • A professional 'makeover' of your CV
  • Coaching to develop your interview technique.

Employers want to know three things:

  • Can you do the job?
  • Do you want the job?
  • Will you fit in?

Julie can help you prepare so that you can answer these questions with confidence and competence.

Julie can also help you identify your career options, develop your CV to get an interview and prepare you to make your interview a success.

Please use the contact page or telephone 07776 135350 for further advice and assistance.

"Julie has provided a wonderful mix of support, guidance, knowledge and empathy at a time when future career options appeared to be a little blurred. I have found the whole experience both inspiring and rewarding."
Graham, Essex

"I found Julie to be very professional and friendly in her approach.She has provided me with the necessary guidance and contacts needed to take my initial steps towards a new career path.By providing me with the necessary information I was able to gain some direction in finding a new line of work that felt right for me.I am very grateful for the service received and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Julie to friends or family."
Oliver Beard