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Julie Page photo“Contracts of Employment/Employment Handbooks”

The foundation upon which successful employers manage

Contracts of Employment / Employment Handbooks

Employers used to have 8 weeks before they had to issue a new employee with a Contract of Employment. Today, it is now on day one or sooner so this places great emphasis on the employer to get it right as soon as they make an offer of employment.

Julie Page offers a one off fee for producing realistic, effective Employment Contracts which work with your business and your requirements as well as complying with Best Practice and Employment Law in easy to understand language. This means your Contracts are a workable live document which enables your employees to work in a consistent, productive manner. Coupled with this are Employment Handbooks which Julie Page will produce in line with your business culture and requirements. There are many Employment Policies and Procedures available and Julie will ensure you are provided with the Policies which align with your business as well as comply with Legislation.

This means your employees are properly inducted into your Company and understand the simple, yet important processes like absence reporting, holiday booking etc as well as processes like maternity/paternity/flexible working requests.   You, the business owner, can be confident you are able to manage your employees fairly and proactively  to benefit both your business and employee morale and productivity.  

Please use the contact page or telephone 07776 135350 for further advice and assistance.

"I wanted to express my appreciation for your excellent, efficient service and attention to detail regarding Contracts of Employment for Blossom Florist. The service was very professional and I would recommend Julie Page to anyone requiring HR services."
Vicky Burgess, Proprietor Blossom Florist