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Julie Page photo“Dealing with Disciplinary & Grievance”

Implementing effective procedures

Disciplinary & Grievance

These things happen and are often a major problem for employers who are not familiar with Employment Law or the procedures that must be followed.

As an employer you must process these issues in a demonstrably fair and appropriate manner in accordance with Acas guidelines and Statutory Procedures.

Failure to do so may well result in an appearance at a Tribunal and potentially damaging and expensive judgements against you or your business.

Julie assists you by implementing effective procedures that will help avoid issues.

If action is required she will guide you through the necessary processes and provide drafts of the required documentation.


Julie firmly believes in dealing with matters when they arise, rather than allowing any concerns to fester for the very reason that very quickly, minor issues can snowball into bigger concerns.

When this happens it can be difficult for the employer and employee to have an open, constructive discussion as the situation has become emotive.  Julie will act as an impartial mediator to resolve such conflicts internally and avoid the need for further disciplinary, grievance or tribunal applications.

Please use the contact page or telephone 07776 135350 for further advice and assistance.

"Julie offers a service that any small to medium sized business should take a look at. The employment laws can be a minefield, but Julie can explain them in plain English. We have sought out Julieʼs advice in the past and will again as we expand."
Neil Coulton, Green Cartridges