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Julie Page photo“Employee Development & Training Advice”

Develop and enhance your team

Employee Development & Training

Investing in your staff is essential as it will not only benefit your employees but it will almost definitely have a direct positive impact on your business. Highly trained staff with excellent skills will create a highly successful business.

What can Julie Page HR offer you?

Julie recognises that each individual business and employee will require different training programmes and development. Therefore she will work closely with your business to create a unique training programme for your staff. It is crucial that new recruits are successfully integrated into your team and company culture and in this regard Julie can offer advice and support on the following:

  • Induction Training
  • Probation Period Reviews
  • Health & Safety Training
  • Appraisal Training
  • Leadership & Management Training

The need to make your staff feel valued by providing them with training is of the utmost importance. However, it can be difficult to accomplish training around your staff’s working hours.

Therefore, Julie offers training schedules which can be flexible around your business’s time, goals and budget. Your training will be followed up by Julie with coaching, evaluations and assessments, to ensure that your employees have gained as much as possible.

Examples of other external training providers

High Speed Training offers accessible, cost effective and simple online training courses for businesses and individuals. Their training courses include:

  • Online Display Screen Equipment Training
  • Health & Safety Training
  • Manual Handling Training

The training programmes are flexible and discounts are offered for bulk purchases.


Research shows that leadership and management training is probably the most popular training that employees like to receive.

Impellus provides the skills and knowledge to support leaders, managers and key employees perform to their fullest potential. All of Impellus’ training is developed and delivered by highly experienced trainers.

Within Essex, Companies may be eligible for funding for such courses.

The potential of existing staff may often be overlooked and poor recruitment will be expensive and disruptive. Julie can help you to identify strengths within your team and to create a staff development plan for both new and existing employees which will align to your business needs and aspirations.

Please use the contact page or telephone 07776 135350 for further advice and assistance.