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Julie Page photo“Dealing with Leave and Flexible Working”

A workable solution whilst protecting your business

Maternity & Paternity Leave / Flexible Working Requests

Maternity & Paternity Leave

Employment law changes planned for April 2015 will enable both parents to share the care of their child during the first year after the birth.

Mothers will be able to choose either to keep their entitlement of 52 weeks maternity leave and 39 weeks statutory pay or alternatively, after the first two weeks of the birth, choose to share the remaining 50 weeks of their maternity leave and 37 weeks statutory pay with the father as flexible parental leave.

Arranging paternity and maternity pay for employees can be both complex and time consuming. Therefore, Julie can work with you to ensure that both you as an employer, and equally, your employees, are aware of what you and they are entitled to under current and future Employment Legislation.

Julie Page HR can help you:

  • Establish what employees are entitled to both now and in the future
  • Explain how maternity and paternity pay differ during leave
  • Establish maternity and paternity rights for employees
  • Review your company policy and procedure in terms of maternity and paternity within the company staff handbook
  • Understand the rates of pay for paternity or maternity for employees

Flexible Working

From 30 June 2014, the right to request flexible working will be opened up to any employee who has worked for their employer for 26 weeks or more.

This change in Employment Legislation is likely to see a growing demand from employees for more flexibility as regards their hours of work. It is here that Julie can assist you by helping you decide how to manage individual requests on a case-by-case basis so your business remains intact and profitable.

Julie Page HR can help you establish:

  • What flexible working will suit your type of business
  • An eligibility criteria to show who can request a work arrangement
  • An approval process to help you manage such requests fairly and consistently
  • What is expected of those who are granted flexible working

Please use the contact page or telephone 07776 135350 for further advice and assistance.