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Julie Page photo“Job Descriptions”

A simple but effective performance measurement tool

Job descriptions

Normally, every employer will place an advert to attract the right candidate for their job vacancy, but then most employers will not think about developing this advert into a more detailed, comprehensive Job description so the new recruit can ensure they know what to do once they join the Company. 

These can be very simple, focussing on an overall objective and key tasks and responsibilities, and are crucial if you want to be able to monitor and assess the new recruits progress both during the probationary period and beyond.  

An appraisal process will only be effective IF you can discuss performance in an objective, measurable way and the job description provides the structure for this process.

Finally, if communication breaks down and there are issues over an employee’s performance and/or the current climate requires a company restructure, the job description will prove invaluable for successful change and implementation.

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"Dear Julie, Thanks ever so much for the time and effort you put into compiling our employment handbooks.We feel much more confident going forward as a business with them. Our staff also like the idea of having their contracts in the same binder, as a reference, should they ever feel compelled to look up some of our company policies. Apart from the hard work that has gone into the workplace policies and contracts contained in our handbooks, we were very impressed by the folders that they came in with our company name and logo."
Yours sincerely, Paul Franklin, Addsign Ltd