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Julie Page photo“EFfective Staff Appraisals”

Motivate and improve performance

Staff Appraisals

A positive and essential way to ensure you, the employer, can evaluate your employee’s work performance and discuss any future training and development needs.

When appraisals are properly managed they are an excellent tool for motivating staff and improving the quality of your employee’s work and contribution to your company.

What can Julie Page HR offer you?

Julie has in depth knowledge and experience in implementing effective staff appraisal schemes that deliver benefits to both your employees and your business.

It is important for employees to feel that their needs and suggestions are listened to and that their appraiser will follow through on what has been agreed during the appraisal meeting.

Julie will support your company through this complete appraisal process which means you can expect support from the initial planning stage through to the implementation of any training and development needs that subsequently arise.


Appraisals have to be a two way conversation to work effectively and Julie offers guidance and support to both managers and employees through separate workshops so they can both prepare realistically to maximise this process.

For managers the workshops will cover:

  • How to plan your appraisal meeting
  • How to conduct the meeting
  • Effective tools to motivate your staff
  • How to deal with employee performance issues
  • How to give constructive, positive feedback
  • How to ensure effective follow up and actions plans

For your staff the workshops will cover:

  • How to prepare for your meeting to get the most from your appraisal
  • What questions are suitable to ask your appraiser
  • How to deal with ‘fear’ or lack of confidence
  • How to identify your development needs
  • How to think about job enrichment

Please use the contact page or telephone 07776 135350 for further advice and assistance.

"Julie Page takes the time to understand our business and continually offers invaluable support to all our employees at all levels. Her guidance on HR issues within our company is well respected by our entire staff and her advice is always professional, pragmatic and revolves around the business needs of the company.
One area that Julie has particularly assisted us with is to ensure that we are continuously improving our business performance through Investors in People. Julie works closely with us to ensure that there are constant improvements in the process of appraisals between managers and staff which I believe has created a more efficient and a happier and focused workforce.
I believe that Julie puts her heart into her work and her approach enables her to maintain professionalism whilst offering empathy to any staff problems and issues. I would highly recommend Julie Page to any one in need of HR support as she has been a major asset to our business."
Chris Wilson, ClearView Communications Ltd