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Julie Page photo“Staff Profiling”

Identify the most appropriate candidates

Staff Profiling

Personality profiles are a very simple, yet effective means of obtaining detailed information about a person’s behaviour at work and their preferred way of working. Profiles are therefore not only of great benefit for recruitment when you are looking for a similar or dissimilar person to your current employees, but also of benefit when you wish to gain more of an insight into your current employees and their preferences in terms of behaviour and work styles.

How do Personality Profiles work?

To complete a personality profile you are asked to go online and complete a very simple questionnaire which usually takes between 20 and 30 minutes. The questionnaire is made up of 48 stages and within each stage is a set of 5 statements. When faced with these 5 statements you must choose which statement describes you ‘the most’ and which statement describes you ‘the least’. The other 3 statements are left blank, thereby allowing a picture to be built up of your personality. Once you have completed the questionnaire the results are automatically sent to Julie so she can then arrange a convenient time for feedback, usually an hour of her and your time.

The benefits of Personality Profiles

This particular personality questionnaire comprehensively identifies strengths and weaknesses of the individual who completes it. Therefore within the recruitment process it can help you, the employer, to match a candidate to a specific job role as well as showing you how they would integrate and work within your company culture and your specific department. Below are a few examples of the areas it will highlight:

  • How a person acts in certain environments
  • What role they adopt in a team setting
  • How they handle negative and positive situations
  • Whether they have an eye for detail
  • Their leadership style
  • Their empathy and sensitivity to criticism! 

Clearly, such Profiles are not only useful within the recruitment process but also very helpful when it comes to understanding existing employees. By carrying out these profiles on your staff, as part of their appraisal or career development, you will be able to easily identify where they excel and therefore play to their strengths; as well as identifying any training requirements when comparing their profile with their specific job role. Such detailed knowledge allows appropriate identification of training requirements and specific one-to-one or group coaching that will develop not only the individual employee but also the team within which they work and ultimately, Your Business.

Please use the contact page or telephone 07776 135350 for further advice and assistance.

"Julie is an exceptional advocate of HR and puts everything in plain language so even I could understand it. Her profile of me was so accurate it was uncanny." 
Malcolm Smith, The Best of Chelmsford.